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31-May-2019, Ad#: 3573, Views: 227

Legal Internship with Master's Thesis (LL.M.)

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Dear all,

It is my goal to apply my current knowledge while simultaneously gaining further knowledge about international law, its application as well as its prosecution in a foreign country and organization. Additionally, I would like to experience the corporate culture of an international organization acting within China since I am considering to live and work in China for the future to come. In accordance with this, I want to write a master’s thesis about a topic, which is relevant for Chinese business practice. Subsequently the opportunity to work in a China-based company, which may provide me with a topic for my master’s thesis and some guidance regarding the contents of it, would be heavily appreciated.

As stated in my CV, I am fluent in German as well as English while I did learn some basic Chinese sentences and words from self-study and friends. Additionally, I graduated in International Business Law (LL.B.) in March 2019.

Kind regards,

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